Laura asks…

what is the point of learning guitar scales?

can somebody explain to me how these help?

like what use is it to memorize how to play a certain succession of notes?

also, which ones would you reccomend to learn for someone who knows no guitar scales?

aah right thanks.

to the person who says there was no point in learning them apart from improvisation, i’d say you have not really mastered an instrument until you can improvise on it.

i am going to learn loads of 


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Daniel asks…

How do I play the”Beat It” guitar solo?

I’ve been google searching and yahoo searching how to play “Beat It” guitar solo but haven’t found it! I really want to learn how to play it. Can anyone tell me a website or just tell me how to play it?

Yaz answers:


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This video accompanies the Guitar Chords Chart for Beginners below, to show you how to actually finger the chords and how it should sound. It is a really helpful for beginners.

The video teaches you the basic guitar chords: A, C, E, D, G, A minor, E minor

These are called “open chords” because they are a combination of open strings and notes that you press down on the fretboard with your fingers.

There are the simplest chords for a guitar player to learn. MEMORISE THEM!

Here is a guitar chords chart for beginners


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The best way to learn guitar is by learning from others.

This is like the “mentor” or “apprenticeship” learning system that has been used throughout history.

The Mass Education System of a whole bunch of people going to a classroom to learn the exact same thing from one teacher is a recent phenomenon. It was supposed to train good, obedient, industrial workers, to supply labour for capitalists to make money.

It’s not a good model, in other words.

The best way to learn guitar or anything else is to learn intimately from someone who has practical knowledge and can pass it along to you.

As an apprentice, choosing your “master”


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Paul asks…Is it possible to borrow a guitar case for an acoustic guitar?I want to bring my guitar home with me, and I don’t have a hard case for it. My friend has offered to lend me one, and we think that it will probably fit… But never having seen them side by side, what are the chances of it not fitting? I don’t really want to have to buy another case while I’m away, and have to bring two home…Yaz Stone answers:The chances of it not fitting are very slim. So far, all of my guitars

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Donald asks…Is it possible to learn violin without a teacher?I’ve just bought a violin and I really want to be able to play it well, but I don’t have the time and resources to go for a violin class. I did have a few years of music class behind me, and I am about Grade 3 in piano and I can play a bit of guitar (not much, just some chords and simple techniques). If it’s possible, then what are the first things and techniques I have to learn about playing violin?

*By the way, I have asked the

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Sandra asks…Is the Lyon a decent electric guitar to use when you’re a beginner?I’m going to be learning how to play electric guitar, so I got a Lyon guitar that came with an amp, case, etc. for $200. I know that’s extremely cheap, but will it work for just starting to learn?Yaz Stone answers:Hell ya!!!! I got a first act for $100 that came with a handheld amp. I learned on that and now I can play like the legends of rockJames asks…Jackson RR1 Randy Rhoads Electric Guitar V Hardshell

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